i was thinking

 i think i will be happier if i make one of the following changes:

  1. restrict/cut back the amount of screen time on my phone
  2. restrict/cut back/stop smoking the green
i think in order to tackle #1 i need to remove myself from social media and move my internet browsing back to my computer that stays at home most of the time. i feel that by keeping internet time in a single location may lessen my dependency on the phone. honestly i hate my phone and i hate how the phone has ruined everyone. yeah. thats right. i sound like im fucked in the head or something. but every time i am at the lights, i always see people having a horny texting fit on their devices. like fuck you cant wait until you pull over to respond? not even hands free. get fucked.

to tackle #2 i need to be in a better headspace for that, but i have been thinking about it for a while now. i dont smoke ciggs but i sure love smokin joints. its a relief. i like smoking a joint after work. but i have been thinking about how any smoke in your lungs is bad. and dimentia or alzheimer's. i like my lung capacity since i havent smoked ciggs for almost 2 years again.