had a good week. work wasn't stressful and home life was nice.

started watching Lost again with Gen. we used to each it when it first came out all of the time. when i used to watch tv. anyway it was nice. we were close on the couch and it felt like old times. maybe that's why i feel happier, is because the time between 2006-2010 were my happier times. you know when your parents would say "back then everything was better". 

it has been 3 weeks now that I have stopped buying weed like an idiot and actually taken a step back. haven't smoked a bunch of joints every day like i used to for the last several years. i switched to using a one hitter. i have reduced the amount of times that i would have to purchase marijuana, as well as the amount that i would consume on the daily. even weekly. it's great. i can smoke that cheap weed and get high from it, something ive wanted to get back to for a long time now. 

i have also stopped buying coffee during the week as frequent as I used to. i have goals this year. i wanna challenge myself to reach them.