It is currently December 23rd 2020, 11:11 p.m. current temperature is - 15, but with the wind it feels like -25. We have had a big blizzard pass through and it is still going on as I write this. It started the previous day overnight, took a break during the morning today, and then started all over again later in the afternoon. I always wanted to sleep outside in a blizzard. I did also outside the previous night as well. It was 0° and very warm and cozy out here. It is very windy currently, but my shelter is holding up great, apart from the fact that some snow has made its way inside. The leaves are still here and are still dry. I'm going to have to find a better way to cover a couple of areas so nothing can get in here.

I sleep much better outside than I do inside. I like being cold, or cool. It puts me to sleep so fast and I am just so comfortable.

I hope with the next two weeks off, I can venture out in the woods and have an overnight camp. I need to make my snow pulk and gather the materials tomorrow as everything is curbside pick up.

I plan on making a snow pulk so I can take my winter sleeping bag out in the woods. It is way too big for my packsack. I can't wait to snow shoe and get lost somewhere.