shelter feedback

the shelter i built has been set up for a couple of weeks now and has withstood the elements so far, albeit with some slight modifications. one of the walls was rebuilt with sticks and branches like the other side, and the tarp had to be staked down in the front side to prevent the wind from taking the tarp off. all of the leaf bedding is still intact, with the whole interior bring dry. 

some ideas for improvement include hanging a piece of wood up between a tree and a post so I can remove the rope. been thinking how heavy snow can impact this, as I think the rope and tarp would sink due to weight. also, I would like to extend the height about a foot for better head room. I noticed last weekend that when it rained, although I was dry, I could not stick my feet out because they would get wet. 

the idea is to make something semi-permanent for the winter. I don't feel like setting up and taking down a tent each time. also, last year I destroyed a tent canopy because the ice kept the canopy from being taken down, thus it ripped.