gas saver plus

So after my last hike, as I did run out of fuel, but was lucky that my friend brought a spare that I lent him, I've been thinking about if there was a way to transfer fuel from one canister to another. At home, I have at least six canisters that have half or less fuel, but are questionable enough that I wouldn't bring them for a full day.

Turns out, such a device exists. It is made by g-works, and it is called the gas saver plus. I ordered it last Sunday and received it yesterday. After work, I followed the instructions from a video. Next thing you know, I had five empty canisters condensed into one 16 oz container, and three 4 oz containers.

now I don't have to worry about going to the store for a while, as there has been a fuel shortage this year and stores cannot keep up with the demand. I have made one 4 oz canister last me two nights. I now have three of those ready to go, and when those run out, I will refill them from the 16 oz canister. In fact, I will probably never buy 4 oz canisters ever again until the threads start wearing out.

this thing will pay for itself in the long run. I need a paying $60 for it with free shipping. So far I would recommend this to anybody who does backcountry hiking or cooks with a gas stove