I cried this morning after reading some AC/DC wiki on members n shit. Weird but yeah just waking up reading, getting my brain to work and this happened. I read that one of the members was replaced by his nephew due to dimentia. I think that when I read that he was replaced by the next generation aka his family member I instantly thought about when I die, about my wife and kids and anyone else that is in my life. I have realized that I am scared of death and losing you all. I always wonder what will I do when I am dead. And what will you guys do when I am no longer around. It has kind of consumed me. I love life and I love my small family. I never want it to be the end. Especially that my first kid is growing up it makes me realize how fast time goes. I enjoy all of your company even if I am in a salty mood. The truth is that I love you all deep inside and you are what makes me get up every morning and live. Family, and whatever friends, coworkers I may have left.