something about this album

goldie - sine tempus

this album is awesome. i say that too much but really i dont know how else to describe it. i wish goldie produced harder drum n bass similar to this. i really enjoy all of the songs with the female vocals. i find that stuff moving i guess, and it detracts the repetitiveness drum n bass (and a good portion of electronic music) has. i first heard this album when flying to fort hope, so i associate most of these songs with that trip. also, the music is really trippy. yeah, i smoked a bag listening to this idgaf lol. drum n bass is up my alley. hell i am a drummer and i play this kinda shit. i listened to some on my bike ride today and remembered all of the times that i used to run and listen to that album. 

actually i wish it would be possible one day that i could play with some brass players and some wicked female vocalist and make something similar to this. 

favourite songs on here are "dont give in", "letting go", "inside your soul", "latin skin", and "invisible".