laid off life how is it? 50/50 cool and shitty.

i have been laid off since last thursday due to the covid-19 outbreak going on. all potential jobs that were scheduled have been canceled. i have applied for ei and am awaiting to be approved. kind of scary financially. all of the bills are paid...for now. i am having a somewhat hard time accepting the no working thing and not making any money, but i know that when this blows over, i still have a job and ill be making a shit ton again, especially with all of the catching up to do.

i have been trying to keep busy in the mornings. every morning starts with a walk for about an hour or so. the weather has been nice and warm. when encountering others that may be out for a stroll, i usually cross the street or turn somewhere else. some people are being dinks however and dont even bother moving. some dude was coughing behind my daughter and i so i pulled her over so these guys could pass. they werent even trying to keep their distance. kinda scummmmmmmmmmmm.

i got some projects done. the nas is completed as mentioned in a previous post, i stuffed another raspberry pi in an old router case i found when cleaning up my work room, and i turned an old cell phone into a camera that can connect to a dvr and record footage. the next project is to redo the small table i do all my work on by adding a third support in the middle, and lay some old laminate scraps from previous floor jobs. i did this with my daughters desk and it looks brand new. right now, the table is composed of 3 slats across 2 supports. it will look much nicer and will be solid once done.

i want to use the pi-in-a-router by a TV with controllers plugged in. it fits in good. as for the case and how i mounted it inside, i had to file a little bit down where the 4 ethernet ports are. i put some electrical tape on the inside bottom where the pi was to be situated and marked some holes to drill out. once drilled, i used some m2.5 screws and secured the pi to the bottom half of the router case. temperatures average between 50 and 60degC with 3 heatsinks on the major chips. not bad. i would like to see if i could add a fan of some kind to have better airflow.

i hear the birds in the morning, i missed that so much. too bad the duration of my sleep took a shit and im waking up several times during the night. i dont know what is happening to me again. perhaps its time to get a new mattress...