cold storage

i was browsing around the other day and came across an article called "don't buy a hard drive - get 5TB of cloud storage instead". read the article. kinda made sense to me to consider it as it would complete my 3-2-1 backup solution. i bought into it, 2tbs of space that is. the provider is polar backup.

i read some reviews afterwards, some users saying its scammy and not trustworthy. found some users who said its exactly what it claims to be (which imo it is). its cold storage. data you rarely access. in this case, i wanted to make a cold storage clone of my NAS that i recently built. so if the device dies, or if my house burns down, i have an exact copy of everything online. and its encrypted too.

the downside is that the program does not work on linux. i would like to have my NAS "talk" to polar backup so it could mirror itself every so often online. that could be a handy feature, maybe ill look into it more. i also just recently purchased 100gb of additional google storage so i dont have to delete everything online so my phone can upload (it stops each time my free 15gb of storage is used up, kinda inconvenient).

so i have set up an old desktop to mirror my NAS over. i think it will take about a week, maybe less. i would like to build a dedicated box that uses a small x86-based sbc to handle windows and the program, and then back up the NAS over. it would be quieter, and would consume less energy. i could make something using a lattepanda delta even. the desktop i am using is loud and the fans sound like a carwash.