wash your hands

i didnt go into work today. i didnt have a great sleep. i have been in discomfort all weekend, sometimes in pain. i wish i knew what was wrong with me, but i think i might have to get a referral to the dick doctor again and get scanned like last time. i hate that shit and generally put it off until i cant bear the discomfort any longer.

sat at home surrounding myself with news and live coverage of whats going on in the world. it seems so surreal. its quiet enough outside. i look outside and think to myself, imagine it got worse? imagine you couldnt go outside at all because sickness was lingering around. i went grocery shopping the other day only to find that a lot of items were gone. people hoarding like crazy. the human population is stocking up on sanitizer and toilet paper. luckily, i was able to find that not everyone was a piece of shit at no frills (minus the toilet paper, i was able to find everything else without taking more than what was needed).

i dont think i will be going anywhere this year in terms of travelling down south unless things get better. i would like to go to hamilton again and scope it out for possible relocation. its an idea that i have had for a little while now. i think i would enjoy it there. i think the rest of my family would move there too. i feel that everyone would have better opportunities and have more exposure to things. i dont know. i feel that i have had enough thunder bay and maybe its time to try somewhere else before it becomes too late. every time i visit toronto i feel stupid coming back here. i have a great time down there.