PI RT-N56U (Pi in old router case)

straight up noob for difficulty level but i was cleaning up my project room and discovered this old router i had that was going to be tossed in the trash. so i gutted the thing and managed to fit my pi 4 4gb in there. i still had the upright desk mount adapter too. it actually looks pretty cool in real life. i printed out a pi logo and cut out the excess (the black of the router was much deeper than of the picture).

for now, i have a type-c cable and micro hdmi cable going directly to the pi, but like my nas in a can, i would like to install panel mount recepticle a for hdmi and power. finally, a small fan will also help. i installed some heatsinks i had left over from my pi 2 that i never used.

perfect beside a tv

i covered the other port holes with tape on the inside and outside of the case.

the other idea is to get some long micro USB cables for my 8bitdo controllers (to play some games during the quarantine).