NAS in a Can

so here is version 1 of the NAS i was building earlier. some notes:

- i originally was going to create some kind of case with wood or lexan but i got lazy. the project sat on a bench untouched because everything else was working.

- i kinda wanted to get this done, every time i glanced at it, i was thinking of things i could use as a makeshift case. i then thought of using a small DSC alarm can. did some quick placements and everything ended up fitting so i drilled out some holes and screwed the components inside the can.

- i am happy with the finished product. i will eventually paint the can a matte black and add some stenciling in gold(?). i also would like to add a 20x4 LCD to show hostname, disk space, and temperature onto the door of the NAS.

- i am going to drill out some vent holes for better airflow. i will monitor temperatures and if required, install an extra fan inside of the can.

- to secure the door, i will be installing a camlock on the door. the door also has holes for screws. 

some pictures of the completed unit:

The can itself is 9x8x3

Components: 5V 5A DC PSU and USB 3.0 hub (upper left), 2x2TB HDD and Raspberry Pi 4 (upper right), terminal strip for DC distribution (below PSU), AC recepticle and RJ45 recepticle (bottom)

It was my first time cutting metal with a dremel for panel mount modules. When the can gets painted, it will cover up the minor mistakes around the Ethernet port.

This is the Pi and hard drive mounting assembly, using M2.5 brass standoffs and some lexan pieces.

The "finished" prototype of the NAS. I was going to make a case using this layout but it never happened. I decided against going this route in favor of the DSC can.