i think i have peaked in terms of tech. i have the best setup going on right now when it comes to the computer thing. sometimes i think this is almost cyberpunkish. once upon a time i used to dream and wish that i had a laptop, or some kind of pocketable handheld computer. ive had the dell axim x51v and the eee pc 701. those were great devices at the time but they all had their proprietary chargers. i dont have to deal with that shit anymore. my pocket 2 and my pixel 3a xl both use usb type-c connectors (and are PD compliant). combined with the huge backup battery that i have, i can power both devices longer.

heres some images of "whats in my bag":

GPD Pocket 2, Aukey dual type-C charger, 2x 6ft type-C cables, RAVPower 20100mAh battery, Startech USB 3 ethernet adapter, and 3DS to USB cable

This battery was purchased 2.5 years ago and is still going strong. The type-C port is a nice bonus as it can charge my phone or my Pocket 2 at a decently fast rate. It also supports QuickCharge 3.0 for compatible devices

The Aukey PA-D5 is particularly good because instead of carrying 2 separate charging bricks for the phone and the Pocket 2, I just need one. One of ports has a 60W output, while the other is 18W.

This case is so awesome. When I received it, it really felt premium along with the Pocket 2 itself. The lid closes by 2 strong magnets that clip to it. I printed the sticker just to personalize it a bit.

And the Pocket 2. This thing is hands down the best computer I have ever owned, purely due to its size. I have been using it as my only computer since the fall of 2019. It comes everywhere with me. It has been so handy to have too. I have even considered buying a second one in case this one ever fails, but the price is pretty out there compared to what I paid for it during crowdfunding.

When I get home and want to use the computer, I mounted a small mini docking adapter on my desk. This connects to my HP 27fw IPA monitor as well as my speakers. And when its time to go again, I just unplug it and pack it away.

on some occasions, i may bring a small gamepad with me to play some old SNES ROMs, or a mouse if i decide to play other games on my computer.

the 3DS to USB cable is handy as i can finally charge my 2DS from the battery as well. comes in handy when i do service calls/jobs up north and dont need to rely on building electricity for my devices.

i also keep 2 cat6 patch cables handy as i connect to equipment in the field while working.

my next purchase may be an ASUS ZenScreen. a portable 15.6 monitor, which would be handy for when i travel and am in a hotel room. i think this would compliment the setup a lot and would be a true mobile experience; you could hook only the components you need for a computer setup. a modular setup. i think its pretty cool at least.