project update

i went to rugged air, paid 50bux to get some lexan pieces cut to create a mounting solution for the nas. took a similar route as I did for the Google photos downloader. my cuts were a little too big so i trimmed them down. i mounted each hard drive to a plate, and stacked them on top of each other with m2.5 brass standoffs. on top of the hard drives, the raspberry pi was mounted on another plate.

2x 2tb hdds + rPi 4

i decided to mount everything temporarily to a piece of lexan 10x4.5 for the time being so I can get an idea whether I want to use the wood or continue using lexan for the rest of the build.

prototyping the nas. each component is mounted together.

i just received a left angle USB 3 a to micro b cable as well as an rj45 panel mount. need to start working on rear panel next. also need to find out what to purchase locally should I continue to use lexan for the build.

i hope whomever is reading this enjoys this and my progress. this has become a new hobby, building things.