new domain name

for a while, i have been thinking about dropping the domain. i registered it about 10 years ago when i was getting more involved with windows server 2003. i didnt really put much thought into the name and would have preferred to have instead, i had to settle on a "double" net. it doesnt roll off the tongue when i advise other people what my email address is either.

so i registered it doesnt sound professional by any means, but i dig it. the domain will forward to as i need to maintain that for other users. also, much of my online presence is linked to and i dont feel like switching everything over right away.

i have also been floating the idea of moving away from gsuite in favor of office 365. i really, really like office 365. i have used it before and have set up a small business with it previously. office 365 integrates with windows 10. having 1tb of storage accessible through the file explorer without additional software is a huge plus. my gsuite subscription is considered legacy and is free (back when i signed up, it was called google apps for business and there was a free tier; it is now a paid service for new users) and it gives me most of googles' services. if i want to upgrade anything, i have to start paying either way...