mcdonalds worker makes me anxious

for reyannes birthday she wanted McDonald's for supper. i went over there and started placing my order on the kiosk. mid order, a worker approached me and told me to use another kiosk as the one I was using doesn't work sometimes (the kiosk had no indication or signage letting customers know not to use). i said no problem and moved over to another one. start placing my order and within 5minutes she approached me again and started asking me if I was taking my order out or dining in, and if I was dining in, to take a order tracker. she then started explaining the machine to me but I kindly interrupted her and explained that I am familiar with how the machine works and how to use it, etc, and that I am getting it to go. I smiled at her but in my head I was extremely frustrated and anxious. i continued to place the order. within 3 minutes the worker comes back and starts explaining to me how the pay function works.

i then lost it. i stopped my order and turned my body towards her and told her that she needs to back away from me. she is giving me major anxiety. i explained to her that i did not want her unwanted help or attention. i explained to her that I know how to use the kiosk, and that I used it many times previously, yet still thought she had to butt in. i had a large order to put in so I was at the kiosk for about 10-15 minutes. i had a small freakout with my hands at chest level. after this i asked again to walk away because her approaching me wasn't making any situation better for me. i felt foolish, embarrassed and dying inside. i think another customer at the kiosk thought i was unstable and walked around me. then he took his phone out, so i could only imagine what he may of told someone about my panic attack.