maybe I have bladder cancer or something

in august I went to deer lake for work. had to take a piss. bowl turned red both times.

was fine after, no issues. until a  few weeks later i didn't feel right down there. have seen a doc a couple times as he thought it was a bladder infextion as these new symptoms match that.

tried the meds he gave me, felt good after the third time. 

kinda feels like it's coming back so i went for an ultrasound, they say i might have passed a kidney stone. started getting pains on my right side. doc refers me to vasectomey guy.

today, vasectomey guy wants me to do more urine work/tests, a full CT scan, and a scope. fortunately for me i took a video of myself when it happened in august. is concerned why i pissed blood and felt no pain. says that part is worrying him and wants to make sure that nothing was missed.


  1. so this is happening to me again and i don't know why. havent done anything stupid. im on another round of meds hoping i feel better soon.

  2. finally feeling better again, let's see what happens

    1. Just wanted to add here that in August 2020 sometime, I experienced an unbearable pain similar to gas, but all over my lower back and side with intense levels of discomfort. Put me to the ground. I layed in the shower for a long time, using all of the hot water. I would go back to it every 30 minutes or so, even for just 10 mins of hot water. I eventually ended up in bed with a heat pad. I was able to smoke a joint, take some pain meds, and pass out. I woke up way later on, feeling better a bit. As the days passed, I noticed I could piss again. So I wonder if I had a lodged stone for 8 months?


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