wow. what an experience is all i can say. the canasa security conference was beyond my expectations. basically, its the CES of the security industry, where companies come out and showcase their products and where the future is going. as i was walking around in amazement, i found myself at the NVT Phybridge booth, where they were showing their ethernet and power over existing coax wire. fucking insane. and as another example, they had 1 pair of wires in an 8pin jack, going to a small module, then out to an IP phone. the goal here is that if you are wanting to upgrade your existing infastructre to an IP based solution (phones, cameras, anything really that needs to be on a network) but cannot afford the cost of rewiring the building with cat6, this is a solution. seriously blew my mind 10x over. i just want to understand how they are able to deliver data AND power simultaneously over only 1 pair of wires, coax especially. im guessing there is heavy signaling going on...

i met a lot of people in the industry from distributors to sales reps, managers and some technicians. i even got to tour a metal facility where doors and frames are fabricated and prepared for customers. almost a scene out of some terminator movie or something with the robotics involved in the process. i probably looked like a fucking idiot with the huge smile on my face during the whole tour, but really it was a lot to take in and understand everything. at the conference, while i was really enjoying everything i was doing and seeing, there were toomanypeopleicouldeverpossiblyhandle, but i was really trying to be social. each person ended up scanning my badge for future contact im assuming. i chatted up with a lot of people about their products and what not. but holy fuck next time i should suit up or something. i had asked about dress code before but i was advised to just be myself and wear whatever i feel comfy in. i brought my avalanches hoodie and wore that proudly, but i did feel a little out of place considering everyone was looking slick af.

super thankful for this opportunity that was presented to me. i really do have the best boss anyone could ever want. same with my crew. i hear the vegas trips are 100x more savage than the toronto conference. maybe ill get my passport should the opportunity be presented again...this was fucking awesome.