my statement on the nexus 7

It has been less under a week that I have had the nexus 7 tablet by Google, and I have no regrets in purchasing it. It fits my needs very well. I enjoy the 7' form factor of the device as it makes the tablet more portable for me (vs having to bring my iPad in a bag). Not having the iPad anymore hasn't affected me, as there are apps for android that do the same thing as their iOS counterparts. The fact that android has tight Google integration is also a huge plus for me. Even the fact that I don't have to use iTunes anymore is a nice benefit.

I am typing all of this on my nexus right now. On iOS, I had to pay for an app to make updates on here, but not anymore. And that's another thing. With iOS, I had to wait for a jailbreak (and that could be months) to install cool tweaks and emulators. With android, you don't need to do that at all. Android is known for its openness and customizability and that's why I switched over. The fact that the nexus 7 was $259 for the 16gb model was also a no brainer.

So its official now; I don't own any apple products anymore, and its gonna be that way for a long time to come. I either sold what I had, or passed it over to the wife who still has an iPad.