first post in 2011!

hello world, as new programmers usually write in their first project...

so, sold my Eee PC and gens' lg x120 netbook. we were seriously bored of them and they didnt do much except sit around powered down collecting dust. we both picked up ipad 2's for ourselves since we just wanted something to hold with one hand and surf the web on the couch. i still have one Eee PC left but i really dont know if i want to sell it ever since i turned it on today. it could serve as a backup. selling our wii too since it does fuck all around here.

a lot of stuff has gone down and happened recently but i dont wanna document everything here for some privacy reasons. i tend to talk tech bullshit and other crap here anyway.

heres a new drumming video:

ive been jamming with someone who is reliable now and wants to get some shit done. we have 2 songs done and working on our third, with 2-3 gorgasm covers, though we wont be playing those all of the time.