saved my eee

this morning, i screwed around with the partition table and fucked myself out of my computer. i tried adding an EFI partition, then deleted it. after restarting the eee, i got a BSoD. i was planning a reformat anyways so i tried to go to work to grab the cd drive from my locker. turns out work doesnt like my keycard on sundays (i guess no clients work that day).

so the next thing i thought of was to put the SSD from the eee into my lacie external enclosure. that was a fail. then i remembered a tool called BartPE, which is handy for recovering data, fixing an install, etc. i also had to download w2k3 sp1 (as there were 2 files that were required). i then used a tool called pe2usb to convert the BartPE files to a bootable usb. plugged my external drive and the newly created usb boot stick and turned on the eee: voila, i was backing my up shit in minutes.

i decided not to give up and see if i could at least fix the problem. with the help of DISKPART, i was able to restore the parition table and MBR and was able to load back into windows 7. rule of thumb: dont fuck with partitions unless you know what you were doing. i was able to create the partition afterwards, but should something ever fuck up like this, use DISKPART. or if you are lazy, ghost your shit and restore that way.