new project? eee HTPC?

when i first seen the eee pc 701, i became immediatly obsessed with it. i couldnt wait to get it because of all of the potential it has, especially when it comes to mods. when i had this model, i ordered a touchscreen panel for it, but sadly did not get the mod completed. i still have the screen/hub/touch controller, but i think it may need to be repaired or rewired, thus eliminating the usb hub and have the touch controller go straight into the motherboard. regardless, i sold the 701 to a friend and used that money to purchase the eee pc 900ha model (see a few posts down for specs).

these days i am getting bored with it. i do have plans on upgrading the stock 160GB hard drive to a more faster 32gb SSD (the intel x25-e SLC type SSD; $625 after shipping) but that is not for a while. i have been comtemplating the idea of purchasing an eee box b206 to use as a home-theater PC but im tight for cash.

recently, a find on the internet indicates that someone is selling their eee pc 701. i really miss the speed this unit had with it's SSD (my XP pro boot was 21secs to desktop - impressive). with a nice fan, the eee pc can be cool at all times and can be used for long periods of time without getting super hot. either a) use as HTPC or b) install the touchscreen, install internal hub with bluetooth, internal storage, etc). both projects sound like fun.