Counting Ounces Can Be Addicting: Thoughts on Hiking Lighter

My 2021 Pukaskwa gear loadout Ever since that I mentioned that I was planning a return trip back to Pukaskwa National Park, I have started re-analyzing the gear that I own and had brought with me last year. I started to re-weigh most items after trying to remove some things to cut down on weight. After looking it over and over, I feel that the next things that I need to replace are my shelter and my backpack. Yes, 2 items that I had purchased last year that would already need to be replaced if I was truly going for the lowest baseweight. 7.91lbs currently just for my main gig. It really isn't bad at all. When I tried this setup last year I couldn't even feel my backpack much. I was able to move swiftly, except for when I tripped and twisted my ankle up a bit. I felt that the bag swung me slightly as I fell, or at least I could feel 18lbs of stuff all of the sudden. It was a misstep taken on a wet rock that caused the whole thing to go down. With that being said, it is not neces

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me in my natural habitat

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me at some crown land spot

I don't want to feel high anymore


my new Lanshan 2 pro