2021 backpacking thoughts

backpacking has been good this year. it wasnt as crazy, but i still did a couple of 2 night trips and did a lot of distance trips. went to pukaskwa this year which was a great experience. i dont know if i will go again next summer though. i would like to check out other areas to explore. my new backpack worked out great and i am currently having a hard time re-adjusting back to my osprey kestrel 48. the talon 33 is the perfect size for me, and can handle all of my gear with some room to spare. it is now autumn, and the temperatures are getting cooler. i have put away all of my summer hiking stuff away and brought out the cold weather gear. went on an overnighter last weekend and brought my marmot -20 sleeping bag with the klymit insulated luxe sleeping pad. i was warm all night, except that my pillow deflated. turns out there is a tiny tiny leak in one of the welds. i tried to fix the leak, but further inspection shows that there are several tiny pinhole leaks throughout the body of th

me in my natural habitat

Pukaskwa day 1

me at some crown land spot

I don't want to feel high anymore


my new Lanshan 2 pro

far out

i was thinking

a sweet score/upgrade